Two Bronzes in APIO 2009-2010

APIO (Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad) is an IOI-like programming competition for high school students residing in the South Asian/Western Pacific region. The contest is held online, with students competiting at contest sites provided in their own country at their local time. The first APIO was held in 2007.

Indonesia always participates in this competition. Indonesian students that participate are mainly the big eight of the current training camp for IOI. Since I participated in both training camps in 2009 and 2010, I was a contestant of APIO 2009 and 2010. Recently, in May 8, I participated in APIO 2010 hosted by China.

Thanks God, in both APIOs I participated, I got two bronze medals! The tasks are of course as hard as that of IOI. For really hard problems I could usually earn some small points because there were partial scores with small constraints specified in the problems.

Indonesia in this APIO 2010 got 4 bronze medals for Arief Setiawan, Harta Wijaya, me, and Christianto Handojo.

These are the APIO 2009 result and APIO 2010 result. The tasks can be downloaded from the official websites.

About Ashar Fuadi

Ashar Fuadi is a competitive programmer from University of Indonesia. He loves to code, especially for TopCoder SRM, Codeforces, and ICPC.
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