SRM 600 T-Shirt

It seems that TopCoder likes to give away T-shirts in every 100 SRMs. I failed to participate in SRM 500 because I overslept that time, so I was happy when I managed to participate in SRM 600. In this SRM, they will give T-shirt for the top 60 participants and for 60 random participants that do not manage to make it to top 60.

Indeed, I was more than happy because I managed to grab a T-shirt, in a dramatic way! Here is the story:

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How I Became a TopCoder SRM Problem Writer

I have been writing SRM problems quite often in past months. It has been a very exciting experience for me. I would like to recall how I became a problem writer in this competition…

Member SRM 489

… so I would like to suggest you to write Div-2 part of Member SRM 489. If you agree,


That was my first approval statement from mystic_tc (Ivan) for writing an SRM. Yay! I received that email after I proposed a problemset for a Member SRM. Ivan posted a “Looking for Member SRM 489 writers” thread in the forum, then I tried to propose, and I was glad that the proposal was approved. I was really really happy that time.

For those who don’t know, Member SRM is actually a regular SRM whose writers and testers are not paid. It is voluntary for keeping 3 SRM per month. That was OK for me as what I want was the experience of working together with the admins to prepare an SRM.

I actually proposed a complete set of five problems, but it turned out that the Div-1 problems did not satisfy Ivan. Yes, when I read the problems now, I realized that they are very lame problems. Therefore, Ivan assigned me to write only the Div-2 part. The Div-1 problems were written by rng_58. [Read more…]