Alex’s Adventures in Numberland

“If there was one book that was going to be compulsory for the nation to read it would be this one”Evan Davis

Recently I bought a very entertaining book, Alex’s Adventures in Numberland (somehow it reminds me of Alice’s adventure). Yep, as the title says, it is mainly about the world of maths. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a real geek to enjoy reading this book — it is aimed for everyone, the language used is not as geeky as the title sounds.

For most people, the world of maths may seem too puzzling and impractical for daily life. Yet Alex Bellos, the author of this book, shows us that there are so many beautiful phenomena in our daily life based on mathematics. He talks about his adventure in meeting many mathematics researchers while traveling around the world.

This book consists of eleven unrelated chapters; you may read them in any order you please. [Read more…]