IOI 2011 – Five Days in Pattaya!

Surprisingly, this year I attended IOI again. No, not as a participant nor an official delegation. I visited Pattaya with 12 other friends as “supporters” for Indonesia’s official delegation, especially for our four contestants.

I referred to us as being “supporters” not supporters, because we visited Pattaya mostly for vacation. It really didn’t have any relation to IOI itself. We spent five days there enjoying many places and attractions. Of course, we also met our contestants and gave some supports, hopes, and prayers.

Well, every single day we ambitiously visited new interesting spots in Pattaya. Here we are…

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IOI 2011 – Indonesian Team

It’s been nearly one year since I created a post like this, the difference is that I’m not in the following list :D. Three national training camps have concluded four talented and lucky students to represent Indonesia in IOI 2011, Pattaya, Thailand. Congratulations to the top four students!

Here they are:

William Gozali, SMA Tarakanita 2

He won the first Indonesia silver medal in APIO 2011. He has a decent skill in solving DP problems. He is also good in implementing complex data structures.

Jessica Handojo, SMA Santa Ursula

She is the second Indonesian female representative for IOI, after Angelina Veni. Her mathematical reasoning in solving problems is good. She always jots down every lemma/idea in her scratch paper before solving.

Reinhart Abdiel Hermanus, SMAK Paulus Bandung

He made himself this year’s Big Four after 7 unsuccessful national training camps! His speed in ad hoc problems is impressive; he made several fastest correct submissions during the trainings.

Frederikus Hudi, SMAN 4 Denpasar

He is a fast learner in almost all topics, but still often makes silly bugs in his code. I hope IOI 2011 still retain the IOI 2010’s “token feature”, so he won’t make any silly bugs.

After all, let’s wait and see what will Indonesia achieve in IOI this year! 🙂

Viva TOKI, Go Get Golds.


IOI 2010 – Result and Closing

IOI 2010 was almost finished, the only thing left was waiting for the closing ceremony in the night. So, we went to the city to buy some souvenirs and gifts. We went by Grand River Transit bus to various spots in Waterloo city. The bus was free of charge during the IOI, just show the badge to the driver and you get free ride to everywhere.

It was hard to search inexpensive but nice souvenirs here. The price was pretty high compared to the same thing in Indonesia. So, finally I bought many cheap and standard souvenirs, keychains. I also purchased a bottle of Maple syrup, a kind of honey made from maple leaf extract.

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IOI 2010 – Contest Days


In the last night before the real contest of the IOI, we simply didn’t know what to do. No internet connection because the leaders were translating the tasks. And because people say that it’s not good to practice one night before a competition, so remove ‘algorithms’ from our mind and tried to play some games. Our (me and Aji) favorite game was O2Jam Offline, because with it we can train our fingers, something that are crucial in competitive programming.

The real IOI had come.

IOI 2010 Rule Changes

This year’s IOI had so many significant changes in the rules, compared to that of IOI 2009. Even the rules were announced in just 6 weeks before IOI, so we had some difficulties to adapt with the new system. [Read more…]


IOI 2010 – Opening and Practice Session

I woke up at 4 o’clock after sleeping for only three hours. Firstly, to be able to take a bath before other contestants wake up . Secondly, because I experienced jet lag, so I just felt like taking a nap. I couldn’t continue my sleep because then I would got dizzy.

Then we had a breakfast! The available dishes were potatoes, eggs, sausages, cereals, and milks. Very different from Indonesian dishes, of course. But we were proud that we were among the first to have the breakfast (woke up too early)! While having breakfast we read the newsletter which was issued everyday.

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IOI 2010 – Arrival

Whoa, the first thing I did in University of Waterloo was dragging my luggage in the night to the dormitory under the cold rain. Yeah, in the first night in IOI we were welcomed by rain!

During the IOI, Indonesian team was accompanied by a voluntary Indonesian guide, Didymus Santoso who was also a college student in University of Waterloo. Every team had its own guide from its respective country. It was Didy who was responsible as the coordinator of Indonesian team and escorted us everywhere during the whole IOI.

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TOKI 2010 Big Four

After facing a series of long tests and training camps, OSK 2008, OSP 2008, OSN 2008, Pelatnas I-III 2009, Pelatnas II-III 2010, finally I am selected to be one of TOKI (Indonesia Computing Olympiad) 2010 Big Four! That means I and the other 3 students will represent Indonesia in IOI 2010, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The big four of TOKI 2010 are:
1. Alham Fikri Aji, from SMAN 1 Depok
2. Ashar Fuadi (me), from SMAN 1 Bogor
3. Christianto Handojo, from SMA Kolese Kanisius Jakarta
4. Harta Wijaya, from SMA St. Thomas 1 Medan

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