ACM-ICPC Asia Manila Regional Contest 2011

Well, this is my third participation in an ICPC regional. This time we as Saklar Lhompat team participated in Philippines, in Manila site. This is also my second time to participate in a foreign site, as (unfortunately) Jakarta didn’t host a regional this year. University of Indonesia had also sent two other teams (Vidina and Algorythmists) to Kuala Lumpur site this year.

Honestly, we expected to become a world finalist this year :D. We had participated in nearly all college national programming contests before, and got pretty nice results. Each of us also practiced regularly in online judges, me especially in TopCoder (SRMs). So, we hoped that we got some luck and succeeded this year.


We were assigned a new coach, Denny. He participated in an ICPC regional in around 2000’s. My teammates were also the same as the previous year, i.e., Alham Fikri Aji and Berty Tobing.

The teams were selected by choosing the top 3 teams from my university in Indonesia National Contest. Then, our team was selected to participate in Manila, while the two other teams were selected to compete in Kuala Lumpur.

I told Ilham Kurnia, my programming contest trainer, that we were going to take the Manila regional. He immediately warned me that from his previous experience in competing in Manila twice, this site was always badly organized. The problem statements were ambiguous, the clarification was not so helpful, etc. So, he advised us to anticipate for every bad things that might happen during the contest. [Read more…]


ACM-ICPC Asia Kuala Lumpur Regional Contest 2010

After a pretty nice result in the previous Jakarta site, we tried another ICPC regional contest this year. Our choice was Kuala Lumpur site, because when we finally decided to take another regionals, it was only this site that still opened the registration.

Well, it was our first time to compete as a foreign team in a regional contest. The atmosphere should be different, of course. This was our last hope to advance to World Finals this year. [Read more…]


ACM-ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest 2010

Mr Win Ce, the chief of judge, had announced the result. Saklar Lhompat team got #7 place in the overall ranklist and got #1 place in the local (Indonesian teams) ranklist! We got Best National 1 award, plus certificates and Android OS mobile phones. This is our first ICPC regional contest, though. We hope we’ll do better in our next regional contest in Kuala Lumpur on the next couple of weeks.

Here the story goes…. [Read more…]