CodeSprint 2 Interview Street Problems Analysis

I participated in the second CodeSprint that was held in January 7 – 8 2012. I knew this contest from a link posted in a TopCoder forum thread. As far as I know, many companies will use the result of this contest to interview new employees/interns. Because I was in holiday after the final exams, I took part in this contest, maybe somehow by luck I could get interview from some companies 🙂

The contest had three types of problems: algorithmic, company, and real-world problems. The algorithmic ones are much like usual competitive programming problems. Company problems are set by some of the companies. Real-world problems are “real”, for example, one of them is creating a web service for resizing company logos.

During the 48-hour contest (yes, only 2 days), I managed to solve 6 algorithmic problems and 1 company problem. I ranked #38 overall and #2 in Indonesia (the first rank went to dolphinigle).

Here is an analysis on some of the problems. [Read more…]