ACM-ICPC Asia Phuket Regional Contest 2013

Teams from UI (photo by Denny)

Teams from UI (photo by Denny)

This is my last ICPC regional contest in my life as a contestant, since this is my second ICPC regional contest in 2013 (after Jakarta site) and since I am in my final year in college (hopefully). I had competed in 6 regional contests before. As this is my last chance, I gave my best effort for this contest. I practiced a lot before departing to Phuket, mostly learning new data structures.  I really hoped that I would obtain the best result in Phuket.

On the last days before going to Phuket, I successfully learned and implemented a rare data structure called Heavy-Light Decomposition on trees. The information on this can be found here.

There were 3 teams from University of Indonesia that participated: +1 2.0, Sepiring Lhompat 2.0, and Algorythmists. These teams were chosen because we were in the top 4 (from UI) of ACM-ICPC Indonesia National Contest 2013, the qualification round for Indonesian teams for Jakarta site. Our coach rearranged the teams composition,  then sent 3 teams to Phuket site and 1 team to Danang site (Sepiring Ber2.0).


My team is +1 2.0, coached by Denny with the following members:

  • Alham Fikri Aji
  • Ashar Fuadi (me)
  • William Gozali


The contest was so intense. The problemset can be downloaded here. Here is the story…

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