IOI 2011 – Indonesian Team

It’s been nearly one year since I created a post like this, the difference is that I’m not in the following list :D. Three national training camps have concluded four talented and lucky students to represent Indonesia in IOI 2011, Pattaya, Thailand. Congratulations to the top four students!

Here they are:

William Gozali, SMA Tarakanita 2

He won the first Indonesia silver medal in APIO 2011. He has a decent skill in solving DP problems. He is also good in implementing complex data structures.

Jessica Handojo, SMA Santa Ursula

She is the second Indonesian female representative for IOI, after Angelina Veni. Her mathematical reasoning in solving problems is good. She always jots down every lemma/idea in her scratch paper before solving.

Reinhart Abdiel Hermanus, SMAK Paulus Bandung

He made himself this year’s Big Four after 7 unsuccessful national training camps! His speed in ad hoc problems is impressive; he made several fastest correct submissions during the trainings.

Frederikus Hudi, SMAN 4 Denpasar

He is a fast learner in almost all topics, but still often makes silly bugs in his code. I hope IOI 2011 still retain the IOI 2010’s “token feature”, so he won’t make any silly bugs.

After all, let’s wait and see what will Indonesia achieve in IOI this year! 🙂

Viva TOKI, Go Get Golds.

About Ashar Fuadi

Ashar Fuadi is a competitive programmer from University of Indonesia. He loves to code, especially for TopCoder SRM, Codeforces, and ICPC.
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  1. yegarsahaduta says:

    aaah jadi mereka yang bakal mewakili Indonesia di IOI 2011 ya?
    I’ll see you guys in Pattaya later on July then

    cheers from Bangkok,
    go get golds!

  2. fushar says:


    Waah ternyata elu LO mereka di sana ya? Baru sadar hehe thanks atas bimbingannya ke mereka!

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