IOI 2010 – Result and Closing

IOI 2010 was almost finished, the only thing left was waiting for the closing ceremony in the night. So, we went to the city to buy some souvenirs and gifts. We went by Grand River Transit bus to various spots in Waterloo city. The bus was free of charge during the IOI, just show the badge to the driver and you get free ride to everywhere.

It was hard to search inexpensive but nice souvenirs here. The price was pretty high compared to the same thing in Indonesia. So, finally I bought many cheap and standard souvenirs, keychains. I also purchased a bottle of Maple syrup, a kind of honey made from maple leaf extract.


And finally, Michal Forisek [misof] published the medal cutoff in a TopCoder forum thread (didn’t know why he posted there). So, here is the final result for Indonesian team in IOI 2010, Canada:

  • #63. Alham Fikri Aji. 634. Silver
  • #70. Ashar Fuadi. 623. Silver
  • #103. Christianto Handojo. 595. Bronze

Yeah, Indonesia got 2 silvers dan 1 bronze, exactly the same as the previous year. I managed to fulfill my target (got silver medal or better).

The absolute winner of IOI 2010, as predicted by all people, is Gennady Korotkevich [tourist], from Belarus. So this is his second IOI win after he also won IOI 2009, Bulgaria.

IOI 2010 Final Result


The closing ceremony took place in a large restaurant. Indonesian contingent, as usual, wear Batik shirts and jackets. Some leaders were ready with their cameras, and some carried Indonesia national flag.

Indonesian contestants got the same table with Indian contestants. We ate and chatted together. Some Indian contestants had good jokes, too. We also exchanged our national currencies, that are, Rupiahs and Rupees.

One of our leaders, Mr Yugo Isal, surprisingly advanced to the stage and played harmonica together with the musical band!

In this closing time many contingents take photos and exchanged souvenirs with the other contingents.We got chances to take photos with Singapore, Syria, and Bosnia teams.

Okay, time for medal awarding. All medalist advanced to the stage to receive their medals. I received my medal from one of IOI officials. Ah, that was one of the proudest moments in my life. After receiving the medals, contestants were also given an envelope containing a license of� Mathematica for Students software.

This IOI 2010 was officially closed with the transfer of IOI flag to the new organizers of IOI 2011, in Pattaya, Thailand.

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Ashar Fuadi is a competitive programmer from University of Indonesia. He loves to code, especially for TopCoder SRM, Codeforces, and ICPC.
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