IOI 2010 – Arrival

Whoa, the first thing I did in University of Waterloo was dragging my luggage in the night to the dormitory under the cold rain. Yeah, in the first night in IOI we were welcomed by rain!

During the IOI, Indonesian team was accompanied by a voluntary Indonesian guide, Didymus Santoso who was also a college student in University of Waterloo. Every team had its own guide from its respective country. It was Didy who was responsible as the coordinator of Indonesian team and escorted us everywhere during the whole IOI.

I and the other contestants stayed in the student dormitory called Ron Eydt Village, abbreviated REV. At first I thought we’ll have a luxurious room, but it turned out that our room in Margonda Residence, the apartment in which we stayed during the training camps, was better. I shared a room with Aji. Bathrooms were available separately on each floor, so we had to wake up very early to avoid long queue.

The leaders (Mr Suryana, Brian, etc.) stayed in a dormitory called Village 1. The cool thing was that each person had a single room. REV and Village 1 were a bit far apart, so usually we communicated via IMs.

When I entered the registration room to sign some agreement documents, I saw at a glance a person with unique hair. Yay, that was Neal Wu a.k.a neal_wu! It was amazing to meet great coders from all around the world. It turned out that the room for Keshav Dhandhania [keshav_57] was beside my room. Gordon Cormack’s [Hurd] room was beside Aji’s dad’s room.

But of course, I was very curious to meet Gennady Korotkevich [tourist], who was called ‘the devil from Belarus’ by my IOI seniors. I also met some friends that I found on TopCoder, like [Sarkin], [Amtrix], and [Fixman].

Anyway, the contestants received these cool things in the IOI:

  1. 1 handbag with IOI logo
  2. 2 drink bottle with IOI and IBM logo
  3. 1 frisbee with IOI logo.
  4. Writing utensils with IOI, Lenovo, and Blackberry logo
  5. 3 T-shirts with IOI logo, 1 T-shirt with Google logo, and 1 T-shirt with Cheriton School of Computer Science
  6. 1 IOI badge
  7. 1 hat with IOI logo
  8. 1 IOI Program handbook
  9. Maps of University of Waterloo

After putting our luggages, Didy accompanied us to stroll around University of Waterloo. He showed us the competition arena, leader’s place, souvenir store, etc. We experienced jet lag, so we were not get sleepy although it was very late night.

The night was finished with a Pop Mie (noodle) dinner. We also tried the wireless internet connection, and wow, it was quite fast. After browsing and chatting a little, we tried to sleep. It was very hard because of the jet lag….

About Ashar Fuadi

Ashar Fuadi is a competitive programmer from University of Indonesia. He loves to code, especially for TopCoder SRM, Codeforces, and ICPC.
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  1. good job Ashar Fuadi… Alhamdulillah… I’m proud of Indonesian youth that really talented.
    Fushar, I’m a student of a High School in East Java Region, Jombang exactly.
    I’m rather late to understand about pascal and programming — that last known as my favorit now and on –. but i really want to understand about programming more, do you want to help me when I need some help in some problems about programming?
    wish you want to help you

    Yusuf Azis Henny Tri Yudhantoro

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