Computer Festival 2012 Programming Competition

Computer Festival (COMPFEST) is an annual IT event held by Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. This event consists of Competitions, Seminars, Expo, and Entertainment. For more information, you can check the main website of Computer Festival 2012.

This year, I became the person-in-charge of Programming Competition of Computer Festival 2012. The competition was a standard ICPC-like programming competition. There were two categories: college and high school. The online qualification rounds were held in 8-9 September 2012, while the final rounds were held in 13-14 October 2012.

It was an exciting and tiring experience managing this national programming competition. We had to prepare the registration system, generate ideas for problems, create and polish problem statements, generate test cases, prepare teams accommodation, and many more. I was lucky to have 8 strong and hard-working staffs: Gozali, Febry, Berty, Guspra, Nira, Ara, Faris, Fariz. Thanks a lot!


Here are the final round problems. Note that the problem statements are in Indonesian only.

Special thanks to our problem setter besides the staff: (Derianto Kusuma), and our tester: Risan.

The problems for the high school category were surprisingly quite easy for some of the contestants. The first ranked contestant solved all problems in about 3.5 hours; however, he was the only contestant to solve all problems.

On the other hands, the problems for college category were quite hard. No teams solved all problems during the contest.


Congratulations to the winners!


  • 1st Rank: Team <3 from University of Indonesia
  • 2nd Rank: Team Pandawa from BINUS University
  • 3rd Rank: Team IsengBangetParah from Institut Teknologi Bandung
High School
  • 1st Rank: Nathan Azaria, SMAN 2 Purwokerto
  • 2nd Rank: Jonathan Irvin Gunawan, SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Bandung
  • 3rd Rank: Cakra Wishnu Wardhana, SMAN 8 Yogyakarta


Here are some photos, from preparation, contest days, and closing.

Gozali pumping the balloons

The contest room

The admins room

The live scoreboard

College level winners

High school level winners

Me & the staffs! (w/o Berty and Guspra)

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Ashar Fuadi is a competitive programmer from University of Indonesia. He loves to code, especially for TopCoder SRM, Codeforces, and ICPC.
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