My Applications

These are applications that I developed personally.


Regrader is a simple programming contest management system for grading contestant submissions. This grader system was developed for 2012 Computer Festival Programming Competition. After that, I decided to provide English language for the system and published it as an open source application. Hopefully, more people can use it, give feedback, and improve it as well.

The system was created using CodeIgniter, Twitter Bootstrap, and Moe Contest Environment.

Link to GitHub:



TesterDream is a TopCoder Arena plugin for testing your solution against example cases in external editor. It works in combination with FileEdit and CodeProcessor plugins.

It will extract the example cases and insert them in your source code. When you run your program, your solution will be automatically tested against them. When you submit your source code, the example cases will be automatically deleted. Your TopCoder SRM experience will become more convenient using this plugin.

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Link to GitHub:

Testing SomeProblem (250.0 points)

#0: Passed (0.00 secs)
#1: Failed (0.36 secs)
           Expected: { "foo", "bar" }
           Received: { "bar", "foo" }
#2: Runtime Error

Time  : 9 minutes 3 secs
Score : 227.76 points

Diglett Hunter

This is a simple JavaScript-based game. Click the Digletts when they appear and enjoy the game!

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